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The Reinforcements - A City of Heroes RP team's Journal

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30th June 2005

alareth2:25am: Poke Poke ...
Why it appears to be a mouldering corpse. That's just to damn bad. Especially now that I can play again.

19th May 2005

seantaclaus11:22pm: Status?
Hey all... so, nothing's been posted since March, and therefore, I'm curious-- what's our status? I've been online quite a bit, but have avoided playing MGQ out of not wanting to jump ahead of the group. If the group's effectively defunct, I'm okay with that, I'd just be curious to know so I can figure out what direction I want to take the character.

BTW, anyone that wants to add me globally, my global handle is @Seantaclaus ...feel free.


15th March 2005

chibininja11:02pm: Okay, I understand there were questions as to whether or not we wwere gonna disband this group. If I recall (and I could be mistaken) no real decision was made.

That said, did we take a week off or something?

8th March 2005

graht10:21am: Tonight
I probably won't be able to make it tonight. My wife and I are planning to have a long overdue date :)

3rd March 2005

angelkai2:47pm: Reinforcements, take 2?
So, ah, I noticed Tuesday that unless I'm mistaken, none of the people who have permissions to invite, set SG things, etc have accounts anymore. This rather hamstrings the SG and all. Do we need to reform with those of us that are left?

23rd February 2005

graht12:04pm: Tactics
Tank, someone needs to say this to you, and since I don't know you and will probably never meet you in person, I'm going to step up to the plate. Also, please keep in mind that I'm not ranting or yelling at you, just trying to enlighten you as it were. Imagine I've just bought you a beer and am talking in a friendly, yet sincere tone of voice :)

Dude, when you're part of a team you gotta work with the team.

1. Let the tank tank. Tanks have more hitpoints and greater damage resistance than scrappers. It's much easier for defenders to keep tanks alive than scrappers. By attacking first you were creating an unnecessary drain on the teams resources. The healer (me) had to use more endurance to keep you alive, and the tank had to work to hard to aggro villains off of you. And while you might not mind dying, it sucks for the rest of us because suddenly we don't have a major damage dealer anymore and our character's lives are in jeapordy. In the future please let the tank get aggro first.

2. Stay with the team. By attacking villains that the rest of the team is not fighting you are creating a significant burden for the team. The villains attacking the tank aren't being taken care of as quickly, and are hitting the tank more often, so that I have to spend more endurance healing the tank. You are outside the radius of my AE heal and I have to use a single heal on you in addition to the AE heal for the rest of the team, costing me more endurance. When AE attack powers are used by the blaster or controller, they completely miss the guys you're fighting because they are outside the radius of effect. Please, attack the villains that are attacking the tank.

And just to be fair I gotta send one out to Atsuko ;)

Atsuko, if you gain aggro and are being whupped on by a villain please don't run around the team in a circle. Run over the tank so that the villain runs through the tank's aggro radius. Unless you've really pissed off the villain they should stop attacking you and switch to attacking the tank. Also, move right up next to the healer. When you were running around in a circle I couldn't hit you with my AE heal, and I had a hell of a time targeting you (I know, I could've used shift+n to target your character but there was so much going on I kept missing the shift+n combo for your character). On the other hand it gave me quite a laugh as I remembered a time in EQ when a wizard tried the same tactics vs aviaks :)
graht12:03pm: Bailing
Sorry for bailing last night, but trying to play CoH while my son was sick just wasn't working for me :/ Fyi, according to my wife he's doing great today :) Now if only I had been able to sleep last night... ;p

22nd February 2005

graht9:38am: 22 Tuesday
If four or more of us will be on tonight I'll be more than happy to play Haelen. Otherwise I need to work on another character.

17th February 2005

angelkai3:51pm: I think its dead...
Sad to say I think the Reinforcements have died. Bull's job kinda doesn't work with the time, the only people who show regularly are me, Nightshadow and Graht, and well, we can do that elsewhere. Unless anyone has any insightful and important words, I am thinking I'll go back to playing on Virtue, and anyone who wishes is free to come play with us over there. Was fun while it lasted...
Current Mood: disappointed

10th February 2005

graht10:09am: Issue 6
I, Tank, Hell, and Atsuko hooked up and went on one of my Vhazilok missions.

Things were going well until Tank's emergency hospital transponder started malfunctioning and he was being teleported out of the mission map (Tank had connection problems and when disco three times in 10 minutes). Tank chose to retire for the night so the three of us switched gears and worked on Atsuko's missions.

We arrested many villains and had a good time. Atsuko levelled (to 15?).

8th February 2005

chibininja10:37pm: Sorry
This ain't gonna work. Sorry guys, but I'm laggin out way too much. Been a problem all evening.
graht12:29pm: Tonight, tonight
So, who's gonna show up tonight? :) Besides Haelen that is ;)

2nd February 2005

graht3:32pm: Issue 5?: Published 2/1/05
It was just me and Tank Underhill and Hell stone last night.

First we warmed up by arresting some Outcast and Council in Steel Canyon for Tank's and Hell's contacts.

Then it was off to The Hollows to do some missions for Tank's contact, Talshak the Mystic (or something like that).

Tank was sent to do battle with some Pumicites and brought back a clue that led Talshak to send us after the trolls. The first couple of missions where pretty straightforward and easily accomplished. Then came the third mission of the night, "Arrest Atta and his guards."

Atta, his guards, and his minions have quite the extensive cave/lair. We spent an hour and a half battling his minions until we finally tracked him down and brought him to Justice.

During our three hours of adventuring we discovered The Secret to keeping Tank out of the hospital; put a healer and a fire/stone tank next to him. Hell stone did a fantastic job maintaining aggro all evening, leaving Tank free to pummel villains with virtual impunity. My job was to keep Hell stone alive and despite the trolls best efforts (and there were several butt clenching moments) I was successful (and let's face it, it was for purely selfish reasons on my part because if Hell had gone down I would've followed suit a half a second later ;).

More often than not I prefer to adventure with large groups, but the small groups are fun too :)

Until next Tuesday...

26th January 2005

graht10:46am: Last Night
Had fun again last night, as usual whenever I play Haelen with The Reinforcements :)

Haelen leveled to 16. It's all Tank's fault. He got himself killed vs the Winter Lord and I ended up with his share of the experience ;) And Haelen's new gamestopping power is: Swift! CoH villains fear my l33t skills! And the next showstopper is... Hurdle! Heh, I just love the path to Stamina ;)

24th January 2005

bull2212:05am: Reinforcements, Rock 'Em!
Ok, that's a crappy slogan. But the Reinforcements need one. Like "Teen Titans, Go!" or "Avengers Assmble!".

Anyways, I'm starting my new job this week, and that means for the time being, I have no idea what my schedule will be like. I'm workingf irst shift, which really messes with my hours, especially because I simply can;t be on earlier than 10. Your call if you want to reset teh schedule at all, change the hours around.

Second... We need to assign a new Team Leader. Shawn has one, with tower Shield. I have the second, with indelible. It would be a good idea to havea third, since I'm not going to be around reliably, and in case Shawn's not on. I'll let you guys vote who you want, but it should be someone who's relatievly reliable and can/will be around regularly. Be sure to try and catch everyone in the group on this for an opinion and/or vote. I know we have a couple people who aren't on LJ orIRC much, if at all (Namely Tower).

I nominate Haelan, personally :)

lastly, we need to make sure we stick with the set level caps for the characters. We really haven;'t discussed it lately, but right now the majority of the group is hovering around or close to 15. We have a couple people highr (Haelan and Chaotic Nuetral now), and a few people at the lower end.

For those that are higher... Err... Stop it :) Try not to play/earn XP on off nights, if you can? Just so we don't have too many problems with needing to SK and/or having your missions be a royal pain :)

For those more than a level or so under 15, try and get some play time in during the week, and get your character close to that?

Ok, have fun, and I might see you for a bit on Tuesday :]


19th January 2005

graht9:24am: Purple Caves = Aargh!!!
I hate those purple caves. On the one hand, if I never go on another purple cave mission ever again I'll be a happy healer. On the other hand, I really appreciate the non-purple cave missions ;)

I feel sorry for everyone that died in the central purple cave. I hope you had fun in spite of that.

On the plus side, we fought and defeated the Winter Lord. Booya! :)

11th January 2005

alareth7:00pm: Hello, is this thing on?
*Sniff* I sure miss your guys. :(

Still stuck in the middle of nowhere with no internet. Not sure how long it will be before I'm online again.

Just thought I'd let everyone know I'm still alive.

4th January 2005

dragonbane11:21am: City of Heroes update
Per the boards, Issue 3 is live! :) The Free Respec will be issued later this week.

+--Earth Force One--

29th December 2004

graht8:29am: D'oh
Sorry I didn't make it last night. I kinda lost track of what day it was, went to the computer after putting my son to sleep, saw the Half-Life 2 icon on the desktop and, well... .

21st December 2004

bull227:18pm: Tonight

I'm in the process of wiping and reinstalling everything on my HD. I dunno if I'll be done tonight or if I'm gonna have to work more on it tomorrow.

IOW... I may not be around tonight. Have fun though, if I'm not!


20th December 2004

chibininja7:58pm: Sorry, but...
...it looks like I will not be on tomorrow night. I'm going to the Cavaliers game, courtesy of my kid brother. If I can get on at a decent time, I'll be on, but no promises. ^_^

15th December 2004

graht10:20am: Woot!
I just realized that no one died last night! :)

I think I figured out the secret to keeping the team alive. We don't take on Ruin Mages ;)

14th December 2004

angelkai9:08am: Check your email!
So all of you who can't post, LJ sent an invitation (or 3) to whatever email address you have listed. You have to confirm that to join, or apply for membership to the group and I can approve applications :)

8th December 2004

graht10:22am: Wee!
I don't know about the rest of you, but I had fun last night :)

My most hated villain used to be the Lost's Emerites. Now it's Ruin Mages. Nuff said.

Tank, sorry I couldn't prevent those deaths, but when you die you die to fast ;)

Teamspeak was great, albeit a little disconcerting to hear and talk to people that I've never talked to before. I for one would like to keep using it, as it saved our butts a few times.

In case you missed it, Bull said it was okay to get characters up to 14th level before next Tuesday. If anyone wants help leveling their character I would be more than happy to lend a hand with Haelen (I can disband once inside a mission and then just keep your character alive without sucking xp). If you're not into powerlevelling that's cool :) (As a rule I usually don't powerlevel, or ask to be powerleveled, but this one is for the good of the group :) If you see any of my other characters online (Miss Trial, Ebon E. Bucky, Mummifried, Kitain, Twilight Star), send me a tell and I'll switch to Haelen if I can.

7th December 2004

bull226:26pm: Game On :)
Hey kids... SOrry I've been so MIA. Easily distracted lately by stuff... Namely... Umm... Err... World of Warcraft. *ducks*


So tonight, 10-whenever, EST, game on :)

Couple notes and questions... Nightshadow (SHock Tart) is thinking about playing a Tank as well, which would be cool as this would give us two front line tanks. I told him that was cool, and if he does that, I'll switch off to another char, probably a Blaster or a Defender. I'm debating between the two. Offense is always good, but another Empathy char could rock as well. Any thought? This wouldn;t happen for another week or two, regardless.

Secondly... Teamspeak. It was mentioned last week, but no one really followed up on it. DO we have it set up and running, and do we want to use it? I may or may not be able to actually use it, depending on how laggy things are.

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